Surgical Instrument Washer
Surgical Instrument Washers are: manufactured in the USA, designed to deliver reliable long lasting performance, and built with locally available nonproprietary replacement parts.
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Surgical Instrument Washer Specifications
The Surgical Instrument Washer is a heavy-duty, high  volume, single chamber, cabinet style washer designed for thorough and  efficient cleaning of laboratory glassware, utensils, and miscellaneous  items used in research and healthcare facilities.
Delivers Washer Disinfector rinse cycle temperatures
Surgical Instrument Washer SIZE:
Compartment usable space: 26” wide x 26" high x 29" deep
Overall Unit”: 42" wide x 80" high x 36" deep Sliding Door(s)
The Surgical Instrument Washer shall be provided with a combination of rotating jet spray and direct spindle spraying for all treatment solutions. The Surgical Instrument Washer spray system  consists of a single rotating spray arm mounted above, and interchangeable spindle wash or a rotating jet spray arms mounted below for internal treatment of the racked items. The bottom header automatically couples to the re-circulated wash/rinse treatment system. Surgical Instrument Washer door(s) shall be provided with a full view, tempered, double  glass viewing window.