HYDRIM L110W Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors
Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors

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HYDRIM Washer Disinfectors

Compact Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors create space.

Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors cut processing costs.

Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers improve cleaning outcomes.

Clean full sized Surgical Instrument Trays. ergo Logistics Washers clean surgical instruments safely and effectively with surgical instrument washer racks for cleaning cannulated Surgical Instruments inside and out. Contact us for pricing that will lower your surgical instrument cleaning costs and deliver the high quality surgical instrument care that you and your surgical instruments deserve.

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HYDRIM Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors C51W L110W
HYDRIM L110W  Countertop Instrument Washer Disinfectors
HYDRIM L110W  Under counter Instrument Washer Disinfectors
If it’s not clean, it can’t be sterilized. SciCan offers the tabletop HYDRIM instrument washer and the floor model HYDRIM L110w instrument washer to meet the specific needs of your instrument reprocessing. HYDRIM Surgical Instrument Washers L110W virtually eliminate hand washing. Protect your staff against the hazards of skin puncture and aerosol  contaminants from manual or ultrasonic washing, manual rinsing and manual drying. HYDRIM Instrument Washers Save valuable time. HYDRIM’S powerful circulation pumps and wash arms result in exceptional cleaning performance. A precise amount of liquid cleaning solution is dispensed automatically. HYDRIM Instrument Washers easily adapt for either loose instruments or cassettes. Select the appropriate cycle, a regular cycle for lightly soiled loose instruments, a heavy cycle for heavy soiled instruments or, or a rinse-and hold cycle to eliminate the need to pre-soak instruments.
Inside dimensions: 19"D x 25"H x 16"W.

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