Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors

Surgical Instrument Washer Specifications
TheSurgical Instrument Washer is a heavy-duty, high  volume, single chamber, cabinet style washer designed for thorough and  efficient cleaning of laboratory glassware, utensils, and miscellaneous  items used in research and healthcare facilities.
Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector SIZE
Compartment usable space: 26” wide x 26" high x 29" deep, Overall Unit: 42" wide x 80" high x 36" deep Sliding Door(s) the ideal steris 444  Washer Disinfector replacement dramatically improved operating efficiencies fits into steris 444 washer footprint size larger usable chamber size.
The steris 444 washer and LYNX 610 LX accessories are interchangeable and the LYNX is Manufactured in the USA 
Surgical Instrument Washer STANDARD FEATURES
LOAD and UNLOAD Instrument Washer  Disinfector CONFIGURATION (select one): front load and unload pass through load and unload The Surgical Instrument Washer is provided with an unload door and an additional cycle status indicator on the unload end, allowing  one-way product flow from the contaminated area to the clean area.
The Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector shall be provided with a combination of rotating jet spray and direct spindle spraying for all treatment solutions. The Surgical Instrument Washer spray system  consists of a single rotating spray arm mounted above, and interchangeable spindle wash or a rotating jet spray arms mounted below for internal treatment of the racked items. The bottom header automatically couples to the re-circulated wash/rinse treatment system.
Washer Disinfector rinse cycle temperatures
LYNX 610 LX Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector
Load is sprayed with either re-circulated or an OPTIONAL  non-re-circulated sanitary water system. At the end of the treatment,  the water may be retained in the chamber sump for use as the pre-wash water in the subsequent load or directed down the facility drain. The Re-circulated phase is adjustable from 0 – 9999 seconds in 1-second intervals and 120 F - 190 F in 1 intervals.
Surgical Instrument Washer CONSTRUCTION
An top-mounted light is provided to illuminate the wash chamber.
Surgical Instrument Washer is equipped with pneumatically actuated valves to control  the output of the pump to the jet system. Surgical Instrument Washer is inter-piped and inter-wired so that only one connection  is required for each service or utility. Surgical Instrument Washer is supplied with four (4) threaded detergent injection ports  and electrical pump connections.
Washer Disinfector rinse cycle temperatures
Surgical Instrument Washer OPTIONAL FEATURES
Surgical Instrument Washer is equipped with a dryer. Heated air is re-circulated  throughout the chamber at a user-selected temperature: Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector is provided with automatic power activated doors. The operator may open and close the door(s) by the push of a button.  If  the unit is a double door (pass-through) configuration the automatic  door logic will be interlocked to allow only one door to be opened at a time.
The Surgical Instrument Washer ACCESSORIES
The washer is provided with a stainless steel trim flange to enclose the opening between one end of the washer and the masonry wall opening. The Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector stainless steel modular wall assembly is designed and manufactured to enclose an open wall area or to create a wall barrier. All materials  and fasteners are of stainless steel construction. The Surgical Instrument Washer stainless steel transfer cart is provided to connect to the load or  unload end of washer for accessories transportation and ease of loading  of the washer.
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Surgical Instrument Washers that are Manufactured in America,
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