The ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument cleaners are the most effective enzyme detergent cleaners available. The ONEcleaner enzymatic surgical instrument cleaners clean faster and lower cleaning costs. Buy enzymatic surgical instrument detergents that clean more effectively and lubricate while they clean.

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The ergo-Logistics enzyme surgical instrument cleaning solutions cut cleaning costs. Enzymes, working with detergents, are necessary for effective surgical instrument cleaning. Four enzymes are necessary to effectively breakdown all forms of surgical bioburden. Surgical instrument cleaners that do not contain these four enzymes cannot effectively remove all forms of proteinaceous bioburden. While the enzymes breakdown bioburden, surfactant detergents are necessary to effectively remove the soil from the surface. Nothing will lower your surgical instrument cleaning costs as much as the four enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergents. When you use the surgical instrument detergent lubricant enzyme cleaners, you will experience superior cleaning outcomes. The primary goal of an enzymatic cleaner is to remove proteinaceous bioburden, which includes proteins, starches, carbohydrates, and lipids. To accomplish this, the ONE-cleaner enzyme detergents deliver four highly concentrated enzymes with surgical instrument detergents that boost reprocessing productivity. The four enzyme surgical instrument detergents lubricate while they clean eliminating other costly products and improving turnaround times. Buy surgical instrument enzyme cleaners that cut costs.

Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners