LYNX 610LX  Surgical Instrument Washers
Steris 444 Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector Replacement

The washer that is ideal steris 444 Washer Disinfector replacement, delivers improved Instrument Washer operating efficiencies, fits into the steris 444 footprint size, offers a larger usable washer chamber size, accessories are interchangeable with the steris 444 washer, and
is manufactured in America.
For over 30 years we have been servicing and manufacturing for the healthcare industry, providing reliable equipment with the lowest possible service costs and equipment down-times. The washer that serves to continue our tradition of delivering substantial clinical and economic benefits. Surgical Instrument Washers: deliver reliable and long lasting performance, are built with nonproprietary, locally available replacement parts.
Surgical Instrument Washer Dimensions:
Usable Chamber Size: 26” wide x 26" high x 29" deep
Overall Unit Size: 42" wide x 80" high x 36" deep
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