Surgical Instrument Cleaning Detergents that Lubricate.
The ONEcleaner medical instrument cleaners, that deliver detergents, enzymes, and a lubricant, cut costs. ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument detergent cleaners clean faster.

The ONEcleaner Medical Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners are packaged as:
0225-23 FOAM-it soaking Medical Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners,
0225-01 Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 4 gallon, 1 pump,
0225-05 Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 5 gallons jug,
0225-15 Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 15 gallons jug,
0225-30 Enzyme Detergent Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 30 gallons jug.

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The ONEcleaner treatments for soiled surgical instrument prior to sterilization include: using four highly concentrated enzyme protease enzyme cleaners, amylase enzyme cleaners, lipase enzyme cleaners, and carbohydrase enzyme cleaners, with surfactant detergents at elevated washing temperatures, surfactant detergent stain removers, water conditioners to condition source water, surfactant detergents to dissolve mineral incrustation, and lubricants for moving parts.

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Surgical Instrument Enzyme Cleaners
Surgical Instrument Enzyme Cleaners