The compact HYDRIM L-100W and G4 Washer Sterilizers consistently deliver the highest quality fully automated washing. Pre-programmed Washer Sterilizer Cycles (P1- Rinse and Hold, P2 Regular, and P3 Heavy Duty) deliver accurate times and temperatures. HYDRIM Washer Sterilizers clean faster, cut cleaning costs, and deliver residue free surgical instruments and utensils. The HYDRIM G4 Washers deliver the same washing excellence provided by the HYDRIM L-100w Washer Sterilizers with the added features of on-line and USB Port for service-diagnostics-support and cycle data storage. For Surgical Instrument Washers, go to HYDRIM Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors.

Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers cut costs.
Compact Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers save space.
HYDRIM Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers wash faster.

Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers
HYDRIM L110w Surgical Instrument Washer Sterilizers can process 2,500 instruments in a 10-hour day. The outer surfaces of hand pieces can be cleaned with the hand piece holder.
  • Rinse and Hold 5 minute Cycle when flash sterilizing is necessary
  • Hot air drying
  • Large Ten 8” x 11” Cassette Capacity
  • Easy installation, does not require outsourcing
  • Pumps to existing drain (sink wall drain)
  • USB port and Web portal data storage (G4)