Washer Disinfectors, perform cold water pre-wash, elevated temperature detergent washing, purified water rinsing with increasingly elevated temperatures, lubrication, and high temperature drying in such a manner as to provide thoroughly clean, stain free and lubricated medical devices. Surgical Instruments cannot be sterilized unless all exposed surfaces are properly cleaned, prior to sterilization, to remove soil and properly rinsed to prevent staining. Not all Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfectors provide adequate pre-rinsing, pre-cleaning, purified water rinsing, and thereby render higher rejection rates of surgical instrument, utensils, and scopes, than properly designed washer disinfectors.
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Washer Disinfector with accurate Washer Disinfector cycle temperatures, long lasting performance, accurate Washer Disinfector pre-wash cyle, wash cyle, rinse cycle, dry cycle temperatures, and is made in the USA. 

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