Surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzyme cleaner benefits.
When you use the ONEcleaner enzyme detergent surgical instrument cleaners, all of the ingredients are working all of the time during every reprocessing treatments. 
The detergents, surgical instrument lubricate, and the four enzyme cleaners work together to optimize throughput and render the highest quality cleaning and conditioning of the medical devices being cleaned and reprocessed.

The ONEcleaner  enzyme surgical instrument detergent lubricating cleaners replace several costly products. This will significantly the reduce inventory costs for surgical instrument detergents, surgical instrument lubricants, enzyme cleaners, and surgical instrument stain removers. Surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzymes will boost reprocessing productivity while reducing your costs for cleaning and conditioning surgical instruments and scopes. Only one product is needed for all of your surgical instrument reprocessing treatments. Only one surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzymes product needs to be prescribed within your surgical instrument cleaning protocol. When the reprocessing staff uses only one surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzyme product, it will improve the probability of the highest quality surgical instrument cleaning outcomes.

The ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Detergent packaged as:

0225-01 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant 4 gallon 1 pump,
0225-32 easy-FOAM-it soaking Surgical Instrument Detergent 32 oz, 12 ea,
0225-05 Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant 5 gallons,
0225-15 Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant 15 gallons,
0225-30 Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant 30 gallons, and
0225-55 Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Detergent Lubricant 55 gallons.
Washer Disinfector Detergents are also packaged as described above.

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