Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners
Medical ultrasonic cleaner solution enzyme detergent cleaners deliver high quality cleaning.

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Results achieved using the ONEcleaner
enzyme surgical instrument detergents

Redundant purified water rinses and temperatures gradually elevated from a cold water pre wash to the final phase of hot air drying rendered surgical instruments that were sterile at the conclusion of the washing process. The Proper Sequence of Treatments begins with a cold water pre wash at <110 F. This is intended to flush most of the debris from the devices. ONEcleaner ultrasonic enzyme surgical instrument detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners cut costs. The temperature of this treatment phase is gradually elevated to elevated to 135 degrees F, the optimal temperature for enzyme cleaning activity. The next phase is the detergent wash with elevating temperatures from 135 to 209 degrees F. 

These temperature are optimal for the ultrasonic surgical instrument cleaners cleaning activity. If a combination enzyme detergent cleaner is being used, the enzyme activity begins to decrease at temperatures above 137 degrees F but will continue their cleaning activity during the surgical instrument detergent washing phase. The next phase includes purified water rinses with elevating temperatures reaching the boiling point of 210 degrees F depending on the altitude, and a final lubricating rinse treatment. The final phase is hot air drying at temperatures of 158 to 230 degrees F for a minimum of 4 minutes.

The proper sequence of treatments has been proven to deliver surgical instrument disinfection that is 100%.

ONEcleaner Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners offer superior cleaning outcomes a range of times and temperatures that are not available from other ultrasonic cleaning solutions. The cleaning performance test for Ultrasonic Surgical Instrument Cleaners involves suspending a piece of metallic (usually aluminum) foil in the tanks and then inspecting them for holes (more holes = more effective) following a time (usually 20 minutes) of ultrasonic cleaningThe need for using an ultrasonic enzyme surgical instrument detergent can be important when the surgical instruments been subjected to repetitive cleaning that has been inadequate to maintain a truly clean surface. When surgical instruments are not properly cleaned they become gray in color and loose their new looking shiny surface.

ONEcleaner ultrasonic solution
surgical instrument cleaning detergents
lubricate while they clean and boost cleaning power.

It is important to note that ultrasonic cleaners are not fully effective unless they are used with the temperatures recommended by the manufacturer of the ultrasonic enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergentsEnzyme cleaning concentrates function more effectively at temperatures above room temperature. The optimal range begins as > 22 C - 72 F with performance reaching it's peak at 58.3 C - 137 F. This is often referred to as the optimal temperature for the performance or activity of enzymatic action.

Surgical instrument detergent lubricant cleaners boost cleaning power.The activity of enzymes does not stop at higher temperatures but the level of performance does begin to decrease. It is recommended that all visible debris and blood be removed from the instrument prior to ultrasonic cleaning.

ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergents deliver surface cleaning detergents with four enzymes for removing stains and hard water mineral deposits.
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