Enzyme surgical instrument detergent lubricant cleaners benefits.
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ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergent lubricating cleaners improve turnaround times for soaking, hand washing, and when used as a washer disinfector detergent. All the ingredients work together all the time during every reprocessing treatment. Each of the ingredients (surgical instrument detergents, instrument lubricate, and the four enzyme detergents) work together to optimize throughput and render the highest quality cleaning.

The ONEcleaner
surgical instrument detergent
lubricating cleaners cut costs.

​The ONEcleaner
Surgical instrument detergent
cleans residue free.

The four enzyme surgical instrument detergent lubricating cleaners are nonirritating, biodegradable, neutral pH, phosphate free and deliver the four enzyme surgical instrument cleaning detergent necessary to effectively break down and remove all forms of bioburden from surgical instruments.
Surgical instrument enzyme cleaners that do not contain these four enzymes cannot effectively remove all forms of surgical bioburden. For the surgical instrument cleaning process to be thorough, four enzyme cleaners are needed. Lipase enzymes detergents break down fat. Amylase enzymes detergents break down starch. Carbohydrase enzymes detergents break down high level starches. Protease enzymes break proteins, such as down blood. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzymes clean residue free. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaning detergent lubricating enzymes enhance the passive layer of surgical instruments that protect against the corrosive pitting of surgical instruments. The ONEcleaner hard water conditioners provide spotless cleaning and are the ONE surgical instrument detergent product for cleaning that is more cost effective and delivers superior cleaning performance.

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