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HYDRIM Surgical Instrument Washer Disinfector C51W L110W
HYDRIM L110W  Countertop Surgical Instrument Washer
HYDRIM L110W  Under counter Surgical Instrument Washer
An automated method to wash medical instruments, the HYDRIM automatically removes debris from instruments,reducing time, effort, and the risk related to pre-ultrasonic manual cleaning. This unit is organized to simplify the washing process, with baskets for loose instruments and racks for instruments management cassettes of most sizes. Simply load the machine, close the door and select a program. HYDRIM ensures a level of clean unlike any other washer in the marketplace with one simply touch of a button. Select the appropriate cycle (a regular cycle for lightly soiled loose instruments, a heavy cycle for heavy soiled instruments or cassettes, or a rinse-and hold cycle to eliminate the need to pre-soak, scrub and rinse instruments). Cleaning solution is dispensed automatically during each cycle, and is completely evacuated from the system when the cycle ends. That means the solution is never reused, and there are no tanks that require manual emptying. Inside dimensions: 19"D x 25"H x 16"W.

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